Monday, 22 October 2012

Port Dickson Part 1 – Grand Lexis & El Cactus

This trip dates back to May 2011. Prior to this, I've never heard of Port Dickson until my friend crapped his pants over how relaxing his last trip to the small town was. 

Formerly known as the ‘The Legend International Water Homes’, Grand Lexis features a personal pool in very room.  Very classy…but what does Port Dickson offers? A few colleagues briefly described it as a laid back town that is relatively quiet and safe, with no night life or mega shopping malls.  In short, it’s a great place for getting away after committing murder. 

Eager to break away from work for a short spell with the wife, I booked an Executive Pool Villa via Agoda for about $400 over 3 days.  We left Singapore at about 10.30am in our sedan and reached the location some 3 hours later:

Hungry again after our late breakfast, we stopped by ‘Lucky King Bun’ for their signature Curry Chicken Bun:

The soft white bun peeled open to reveal a dark red mixture of spices and chicken chunks.  The dish is savored by dipping a slice of bread into the rich curry. Very gratifying…even for a hot day…..We washed it down with Coke and proceeded to check in Grand Lexis:

Next to the cluster of villa is a multi-storey car park for visitors.  
The view from our third floor parking lot:

We joined a short queue of families at the registration counter and at our turn, received an upgrade to ‘Premium Pool Villa’.  
Waiting outside the lobby were kart drivers offering to ferry occupants to their units. Our unit was a short distance away and we walked there to enter a spacious sight:

With two big beds, 32” TV and the usual furniture. The unit came with cranky wifi; but the technician responded promptly by providing a LAN cable.  Facing the main door is the inviting pool:

About 4/5 of the pool is sheltered.  We stripped to our swimwear and dunked in. Cold water, but still bearable.  Two buoys by the side of the pool for safety in case any of us drown in the waist deep pool.  One can’t really get a good swimming workout; its more for soaking and relaxing. Perfect for a group of beer-drinking and smoking buddies.  Checking out the rest of the unit:

Very spacious and comfortable unit. The kitchen even comes with common appliances.  Every aspect is great except for the only thing that freaks me out:

Between the bed and the TV is an eerie flooring window that looks into the sea.  Years of abuse by my wife for making me watch horror and serial killer movies with her, conditioned me to expect a decapitated head to float up anytime……
We strolled out to check the rest of the facilities which include a swimming pool:

A bicycle rental kiosk and small gym as well. 
We drove out to Giant Hypermart to stock up on snacks and water for the next 2 days.  Along the way, I observed that Port Dickson is indeed a calm and mellow town, with smooth traffic most of the time.  After collecting our groceries, we proceeded to the renowned Mexican Bistro: El Cactus for dinner:

After parking at the barren land, it was a few steps to the restaurant:

It was getting dark soon and we took an outside table.  A few mosquitoes coils were lit with good reason: the place was infested with the pesky bitches.  Not familiar with Mexican cuisine, we ordered the ‘can’t go wrong’ dishes such as Nacho, Chicken Fajita and Chicken Paco Loco.  The friendly server also recorded a Shirley Temple for the wife and a Margarita (to get me in a frisky mood).

We didn’t have to wait long for the dishes, which came with generous portion.  The meal was nothing to shout about, and we didn’t enjoy the food in peace, swatting away flies and mosquitoes.  The bill came to about MYR100. Reasonable price in my opinion.
We returned back to our abode:

I whiled the night away surfing television, half expecting a severed head to look at me from the flooring window…
After the margarita worked its magic, I climbed into the sheets and stroked my wife lovingly.  As we glanced at each other intimately, she switched off the lights and I conked out immediately, tired from the long day…..

Click below for Part 2!

Port Dickson Part 2 – Ostrich Farm & Turtle Temple


  1. Hi,

    Your holiday in Port Dickson looks fun.

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  2. Hi,

    Your holiday in Port Dickson looks fun.

    Next time you or your friend is visiting, you can book via this site to get member discount rates at Lexis PD

  3. Hi,
    Glad you enjoyed your holiday in Lexis PD.
    Next time you or your friend is visiting, you can book via this site to get member discount rates at Lexis PD.